• In Focus

    As global business gears up for a post-sanctions environment and the strengthening of relationships in an economically significant emerging market and how to prepare for substantial new trade and opportunities in Iran.

  • Our Plan

    We can help you to promote your product and services in Iran with localization your marketing materials and strategy, proposal preparation, certifications and applications, business development, management and organizational structure for your office in Iran, evaluate partnerships and alliances, and provide marketing and sales representation services.

  • What we can do

    Together with support of our representative organization in Iran and professional consultants in position to provide marketing management services for all corporattions who are planning to present in Iranian market.

LALEHZAR is a leading business-to-business directory and a primary facilitator of trade with Iran.

The core business facilitates trade between world using Local language (Persian) media such as online marketplaces (lalehzar.org), trade shows and magazines.

More than 1 Thousands of traders, including 100 retailers, use our services to promote their product and company information to help them source more profitably from overseas supply markets. These services also provide suppliers with integrated marketing solutions to build corporate image, generate sales leads and win orders from buyers in Iran.






Potential Buyers+

What we can do

  • Market feasibility studies
  • Market overview and analysis
  • Business opportunities identification
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Questionnaire design, execution and analysis
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
    – In-depth interviews
    – Focus groups
    – Mail & Online surveys
    – Social networks surveys
  • Analyze Data
  • Present Findings in a face to face Meeting

Your Local Business Partner

  • Developing local contacts for wholesale distribution or partnership
  • Assistance with local certification
  • Translation and localization of marketing materials
  • Support of negotiations with Local Companies
  • Location set-up
  • Interim management and hiring of staff
  • Public relations and media planning
  • Advertising and promotional campaigns
  • Product launch planning and execution
  • Trade show representation
  • Sales Promotion conferences and seminars
  • Training Sales Employees Concerning Local Business Trends & Culture

Local Business & Market Research

Our Services


We provide dedicated page with your name under lalehzar.org’s address like: lalehzar.org/yourname to promote your brand, product and services.

All the online services that we will provide on your page is:

  • Your company information.
  • List of Product & Services.
  • Catalog, Brochure and every other marketing materials.
  • Your Contact details (Include google address ).
  • Online inquiry form pointed to your email.

Every mentioned asset will translate to Persian language for local visitors to better find your organization. All your information will be indexed in local language in google for future reference.


It gathers and focuses the sector’s key manufacturers in one single location. It covers the whole range of internationally-available products. This is also the ideal sourcing tool for R&D teams, manufacturing buyers, engineers and more.


Lalehzar is a response to the current internationalization of markets.
Manufacturers can communicate internally and suppliers can source products in Persian language. Lalehzar provides an overall view of the manufacturing market.


Lalehzar puts you in direct contact with buyers. In just a few clicks, visitors can request documentation, receive a quote, find manufacturers’ contact phone details and more.

Join us and promote yourself locally

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